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Practice//Practice participants have been calling for an alumni session for some time now, and finally the opportunity is here!  The dates have been announced as September 4 through through 7th! An Alumni Summit offers a unique opportunity to deepen the learning Practice//Practice provides, give alumni the chance to drive content for the cohort, and further strengthen the connections between cohorts and participants. Tuition will be a flat $250 to cover catering and direct materials costs. Once you have registered, we’ll send out a link for payment.

When we surveyed you about an Alumni Summit in late 2018, the most frequently recurring topics people wanted to talk about were: community building; creating more equitable and inclusive spaces; navigating solidarity and accountability with movements for racial, gender, class, and ability justice; and leadership development.  We invite you register for the summit and to propose a session! Session proposals are not required for registration. Looking forward to hosting you and some amazing conversation!

Alumni Summit Registration (Basic Info)


Session Proposals

  • If you have more than one idea you may submit up to 3 proposals!

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