alumni support

Practice//Practice offers program alumni the opportunity to further engage with AS220 through administrative residencies, consultations or workshops.

Administrative Residencies – Depending on interests, residencies are designed to offer participants in depth experience in one or more AS220 programs or departments, learning hands-on with AS220 staff. Residents can expect to gather first hand experience in AS220’s operations as well as receive one-on-one advising with a number AS220 staff. Practice//Practice accepts proposals for administrative project-based residencies on a rolling basis. Once an application is submitted, AS220 staff will work with the applicant to determine the feasibility of the proposed project. Residency costs vary based on length of stay and staff support needed. Submit a residency inquiry form or project concept HERE.

Consultations – After attending Practice//Practice, many organizations seek more detailed or in-depth advice on specific projects. Individual advising is also available. Request consultation services HERE.

Workshops – Bringing Practice//Practice to you! Want your whole organization to experience the magic? Let’s do it! Request a workshop HERE.

*AS220 does not accept applications for its Artist Residency Program, which is by invitation only.