Practice//Practice offers a wide range of consultation services. Consultations are overseen by Marina Balko, Director of Practice//Practice. Other relevant AS220 staff and Practice//Practice Faculty Members are engaged as needed based on the nature of the inquiry. To begin consulting with Practice//Practice fill out a Consultation Request Form HERE.

Initial Assessments
Initial assessments are typically conducted as phone consultations. The primary goal is for the organizations to understand each other, the nature of the inquiry, and establish which services will be most helpful. This initial assessment up to 30 minutes is always free!

Follow up Assessments
If the inquiring individual or organization must convey new information or if either party sees a need elaborate on details discussed in the initial consultation, a follow up assessment is often scheduled. Follow up assessments may be conducted over the phone, via Skype, or in person at AS220.

Practice//Practice Faculty
Based on the assessment, Practice//Practice will bring either AS220 staff/program leaders into the conversation or work to connect inquiring organizations or individuals with AS220’s community partners.

General Consultations and Interviews
Either in person or over the phone, general consultations may take the form of advising sessions or interviews involving questions about AS220’s history, practices and operations. Consultations are a way for AS220 to share the expertise and experiences of staff on deeper and more personal level. Information about AS220 can also be found on for free on AS220’s website.

In-Depth Consultations
In-depth consultations may take place over the course of 1 to 3 days and often involve a number of Practice//Practice Faculty or AS220 staff members. Depending on initial assessments, organizational capacity, and availability in-depth consultations may take place at AS220 and/or involve Practice//Practice visiting the consulting organization. In-depth consultations include project or program advising, organizational and external audits, asset mapping, facility assessments, staff training, organizational structure planning, strategic planning, and development advising.

Ongoing Support
After in-depth consultations, many organizations seek longer term implementation support conducted via email or phone. Individual year-long mentoring, advising, or counseling is also available.

A list of all services and baseline prices may be found HERE.