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AS220 Staff Faculty
Bert Crenca, Founder
Marina Balko, Director of Operations
Ruth Harvey, Director of Development
Shauna Duffy, Executive Director
Lucie Searle, Real Estate Guru
Seth Tourjee, Grants Manager
Janay Pina, Youth Education Coordinator
Milo MacPhail, Theatre Director
Susan Clausen, Property Manager
Dave Dvorchak, Communications Director
Luke Krafft, Property Manager
Vatic Kuumba, Youth Theatre Coordinator
Jacob Nathan, Live Arts Director
Anjel Newmann, Youth Director
Kevin Steinhauser, Production Manager
Neal Walsh, Galleries Director

Past Staff Faculty
Shey Rivera, Artist
Aaron Peterman, Associate Director, Providence Public Library

Visiting Faculty
Betty Yuartist and co-founder of Chinatown Art Brigade
janera solomon, Executive Director, Kelly Strayhorn Theatre
Cathy Harris, Director of Community Murals, Mural Arts Philadelphia
Ingrid LaFleur, Detroit-based cultural producer, arts advocate, curatorial director of House Opera : Opera House, and founder of AFROTOPIA
Vanessa German, Artist, Founder of Love Font Porch
Lara Henderson, Book Artist, Printmaker, Designer
Marcos MarreroDirector of Planning & Economic Development, City of Holyoke
Eric Robertson, President, Community LIFT
Helena Thompson, Multi Genre Artist, Purest Spiritual Pigs

Partner Organizations
The Dirt Palace  Pippi Zornoza and Xander Marro
The Steel Yard  Howie Sneider and Sally Turner
WaterFire Providence – Barnaby Evans and Peter Mello