immersive residency 2015

*Applications for Fall 2015 have closed. Dates and applications for Spring 2016 will be announced soon!*

How do you start an arts organization in a town where every artist seems to be waiting for the next train to Boston or New York? How do a group of artists put down $800 to rent an illegal loft space and eventually come to own 3 buildings in downtown Providence, representing an investment of over $25 million? How do you sustain and grow such a place into an international model for 30 years? What is “unjuried and uncensored”? Why have an equal pay policy? What does it mean to be transparent? How can any of this be translated for people looking to kick start creative communities in other corners of the country, and the world?

These questions, and a myriad of others, are fielded by AS220 every day from places as nearby as Newport and Boston,or as far-flung as New Zealand and Kuwait.

November 11th through November 15th, 2015, AS220’s Consultancy, Practice//Practice, will host its first ever 5-day AS220 Immersive Residency for Artists/Managers. This residency program is designed to allow participants a chance to explore decisions and perspectives intrinsic to providing opportunities for others in the Arts.

Applications for 2015 have closed. Tuition cost is $500. *see bottom of the page for more details

AIR/AM recognizes artists/managers as anyone who works in the arts regardless of position. From those who identify as arts managers, arts educators, socially engaged artists, program coordinators, community organizers, arts researchers, cultural producers, or any other selected or given title, AIR/AM seeks to bring a diverse group of practitioners together in a fertile environment to share and learn from each other. Residency program activities include a series of workshops, presentations by attendees, a tour of Providence, visits to partner arts organizations, hands on making sessions in AS220’s Industries and, of course, parties!

Workshops will include presentations by AS220 staff, talks by expert visiting faculty, and allow plenty of time for discussion and debate. In the spirit of Practice//Practice some workshops also involve structured working sessions, bringing theoretical discourse into the practical realm.

Topics covered include: Missions/Visions and Values, Asset Mapping, Cross Sector Relationship Building, Accessibility and Programming, Consensus, Capacity Building, Real Estate and Space, Board Members, Development, Marketing, and Financial Management.

Registration for AIR/AM is limited to 15 spaces in order to encourage open and meaningful dialogue among participants. Applications will be reviewed to ensure a diverse cohort who reflect a broad range in age, ethnicity, background, geography, and practice.

The Schedule at a Glance has been released below! *session times subject to change

Day 1 – Wednesday Nov 11th – Welcome Day

Dinner and Drinks at AS220 Foo(d) & Bar

Day 2 – Thursday Nov 12th – Getting to Know Each Other

Refreshments/Meet and Greet
Residency Kickoff!
Presentations by Attendees!
Presentations by Attendees
AS220 Presentation and Campus Tour
Question and Answer Session

Day 3 – Friday Nov 13th – The World Around Us

Coffee and Pastries
Tour of Providence
Tour Reflections / Working Lunch
Session 1 – AS220’s Mission, Vision, Values and Policies
Session 2 – Partnerships and Cross Sector Relationships

Day 4 – Saturday Nov 14th – Digging Deep

Coffee and Pastries
Session 3 – Real Estate, Nuts and Bolts, Finances
Hands-on Making in the Industries (Printing and Fabrication)
Session 4 – Development and The Board
Session 5 – Programming and HR
Closing Party! w/ Attendee and Staff Performances

Day 5 – Sunday Nov 15th – Departure

Breakfast/Brunch/Coffee, Morning Feedback Sessions

AS220 covers the cost of:
Dinner on day 1
Lunches days 2, 3, and 4
Light breakfasts days 2, 3, 4, and 5

Participants are expected to cover:
The cost of tuition – $500
The cost of airfare – varies, approx. $250 to $600
Lodging – approx. $400 for a 4 night stay
Dinners – approx. $75 for 3 dinners
Total estimated costs for participants: $1,225 to $1,575

note: State Arts Councils will often match tuition costs for professional development opportunities.