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Each year AS220 hosts between 15 to 20 arts and culture managers from around the world to learn from AS220 and share with each other through Practice//Practice. Hear what a few of over 120 alumni to say about the program! Full list of past attendees below.

“This program was equal parts life-changing and inspiring. I can’t say how necessary this was for my life: to help me center my life and professional work around the values that drive me, to connect meaningfully with such a wonderful and varied community of artists and leaders working toward the same goals in our own different ways, and most of all to help me remember why I do the work that I do. The practical components, budgeting, development, building management, staff and board management, were indispensable and extremely detailed. But more than anything I now feel embedded in a community of arts and managers that are truly colleagues and peers in the world. When we are so often working alone against a great many difficulties in the arts world, that sense of collaboration, of friendship, of support is perhaps the most valuable asset to have. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough.” — Erica Mena, Editor in Chief and Executive Director of Anomalous Press

“AS220’s Practice // Practice was like a whole semester of a grad program on Arts Management crammed into 3 days (but vastly more appealing), led by an enthusiastic life coach whose advice you actually believe and whose morals you actually agree with. They welcomed us with open arms and open financial reports and couldn’t have been happier to share with us all their knowledge and resources and strategies and anecdotes. I cannot possibly overstate how formative the experience was and how much more confidence I now have in my own projects.” — Nora Renick Rinehart,Textiles Department Director and Gallery Co-Curator, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL

“The Practice//Practice Program at AS220 is definitely one of the highlights in my never ending getting-to-know of artist communities worldwide. Together we make a small and powerful crowd of ‘paradigm shifters’, disobedient critical thinkers and cultural experts engaged in civil, citizen action, an unruly band of gypsies destined to change what is left of this undignified world we have inherited. And we shall succeed!! … or perish.” — Giuseppe De Bernardi, Artist and cultural activist, Founding Director of Tupac, Lima, Peru

The experience of AS220’s Practice//Practice was a journey of discovery that is still with me. It had me question and deeply understand why I am drawn to the work I do and that I am connected to like minds.  I emerged with deeper conviction, confident in the value my ideas, my vision as a director and intuition for the work. — Richard Benge, Executive Director, Arts Access Aotearoa, Wellington, New Zealand



  • Tammy Ackerman
    Executive Director, Engine, Biddeford, ME
  • Bonnie Bastien
    Independent Producer of Artist Programs and Projects, Brookline, MA
  • Rachel Brask
    Secretary/board member/ co-chair/volunteer, Art League RI, Seekonk Artist Network, Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, East Providence, RI
  • Carola Cintrón Moscoso
    Coordinator of Programmatic Infrastructure, Casa Taft 169, San Juan, PR
  • Erin Eckler
    Operations Coordinator, Electric City Barn, Schenectady, NY
  • Lauren Faria
    Senior Grant Writer, RISD Museum, Providence, RI
  • Paris Paris
    Independent Cultural Producer / Gallery Assistant, AS220, Providence, RI
  • Sarah Halpern
    Artist and Experimental Filmmaker, Ridgewood, NY
  • Jane Hervey
    Founder / Executive Director, BABES FEST, Inc., Austin, TX
  • Heather Mangione
    Grants Associate, AS220, Providence, RI
  • Laurenellen McCann
    Artist and Educator, Washington, DC
  • Pilar Nadal
    Owner & Director, Pickwick Independent Press, Portland, ME
  • Felice Ramella
    Sustainability Consultant, Newport Children’s Festival, Providence, RI
  • Joseph Rivera
    Gallery Manager, Hygienic Art, New London, CT
  • Nikki Rodriguez-Bravo
    Event Curator / Poet / Stay at Home Mother, Words & Wine Open Mic, Miami, FL
  • Emily Searles
    Membership Assistant; House Manager, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM); New York Theatre Workshop, Jersey City, NJ
  • Leigh Waldron-Taylor
    Artist, AS220 Resident, and Former Lawyer, Providence, RI






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